Pretty in Panics very own pet zoo presents a new home on the web. You’ll find bits and pieces of the woman behind the mask, for example that she’s addicted to cinnamon and musically religious. Recordings are in process, new songs written on a bi-weekly basis which makes it hard to keep up the pace recording them, but some day it will all make sense. Or possibly make her more panicked. How to avoid that Pretty writes about fairly often on her MySpace blog, a vent system to make breathing easier. Don’t be shy to share her thoughts on how music, sex and food sometimes are the same thing. Also use that space to communicate with her, guestbooks on websites tend to promote Viagra a bit too much, and that is not something to be recommended in the company of Pretty in Panic (the promotion part that is).
    As soon as something new happens, you’ll probably be able to read about it here, but Pretty never makes promises. Panic sometimes does though. I’m the only one who can tell them apart. ¶