In life pretty much everything seems to come in twos, or couples if you prefer that word. Pretty doesn’t necessarily like couples as much as twos, that is, one of each coming together and still being what they are but sometimes combined into something new, even more interesting. But all things are relative. Couples break up, twos were always one and one, only together at the time. Black and white, sweet and sour, up and down, soft and hard, pretty and panic.
   Pretty is mostly pretty, but sometimes she is panicky for all sorts of reasons. Fear, spiders, love, cramps, ideas, heights, conflict, happiness, whatnot. If things could be easily explained she wouldn’t be here in the first place. In fiction, however, pretty much everything imaginable can happen, and does happen, that’s what makes fiction so beautiful, and necessary to give life the variations it needs in contrast to the twos. Pretty has always spent big parts of her life covered in fiction, reading everything that seemed worthy of attention, and then some, hiding in cinemas, hoping to live just a little while inside other stories, and most importantly: spending every waking moment listening to the almighty music. Musica vincit omnia. In the end, or the beginning if you will, it all comes down to this: Telling stories in music and making someone believe you.
    When Pretty isn't in Panic she is Jenny Kellerman, works at a publishing house, lives with her cat like an old maid, has three brothers, collects vintage dresses, drinks a lot of tea, adds cinnamon to pretty much everything, and dreams about having someone in her life speaking with a Scottish accent whenever she's not doing anything else, or maybe then as well, but quietly, preferably being a lot like Lloyd Dobler as well. She used to be the singer and songwriter of the band Dexter's Moon, who put out the album Come Rain in 2005, but lack of time split them up in 2006, hence the birth of Pretty in Panic. One brother is Tiger Lou, who is married to Firefox AK, another brother is Statemachine, who is married to Sara, the wonderful photographer who made Pretty look so good in pictures.
   Big thank you’s for the name inspiration: My Latest Novel for the song Pretty in a panic, and John Hughes for the film Pretty in Pink. The biggest thank you goes to my dear friend Mikael/Juni Järvi, who graciously records and pretty much completes my naked songs. ¶